· Bishop Donald Sorrells was saved under the leadership of the late Bishop E.W. Young, former Presiding Bishop of the P.C.A.F., in 1959.

· Bishop Sorrells is the Founder and Pastor of Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has pastor for 32 years and under his leadership the church grew tremendously.

· Bishop was ordained an Elder in 1972, in Jackson, Mississippi.

· Bishop Sorrells served as an Assistant Pastor of the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church until April 1978.

· Bishop Sorrells became a District Elder in the A. A. of C. in 1982 at the Central District Council.

· Bishop Sorrells became the Chairman of the Central District Council in 1986. While under his leadership the council grew to 26 churches.

· Bishop Sorrells was ordained Bishop and became the Bishop of the Illinois and Indiana Council.

· Bishop Sorrells was also appointed Bishop of the National Youth Department of the A. A. of C., under Bishop Sorrells’ leadership the youth department has seen great growth, and has hosted many of today’s national gospel personalities and dynamic speakers.

· Bishop Sorrells is one of the key organizers of the A. A. of C. Seminary, by which many of our Bishops, District Elders, Pastors and members received their Degrees.

· Bishop Sorrells is one of the Senior Bishops of the A. A. of C., and continues to work with the Honorable
G. M. Boone, our visionary, to build a strong and vibrant organization. Bishop Sorrells desire is to continue the great legacy of the Honorable Bishop G. M. Boone.

Bishop Donald Sorrells, D.D., Ph. D.
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Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
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Friday Night Evangelist Services: 7:00 p.m.
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